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About Mo

Mo was born in Burgh Castle, Norfolk, She studied Art, English and physical Education at Loughborough College (Now Loughborough University) Leicestershire in the 1960's and followed a career in teaching in the UK and Gibraltar.

In the years to follow, to keep food on the table Mo worked in several varied, interesting and haphazard jobs including: cleaning, supply teaching in London, bar work, office work, modelling,  night club hostess (Saint James) fitting in painting whenever she had the time and energy.

Mo and her family Moved to France in the late 80’s, they bought a fabulous house there and the local hotel and spent a hysterical 5 years enriching their lives.  She Moved back to UK (Suffolk) in 90's .

The Folkes-Miller Fine Arts gallery in Long Melford opened in 2005 where Mo was amazingly fortunate to represent some of the finest artists around both local and international, she also showed her own work there.

Mo held fun and lively, weekly adult painting classes in the art gallery, wonderful groups of very special people, she has fond memories of that time.

She is  now happily living in Saint Domineuc (Brittany) in France for the next part of her life adventure! Mo currently paints and offers art classes when time allows.


Mo’s paintings are lively, colourful and atmospheric with strong shapes and depth of feeling. Her work is extremely varied, encompassing a wide variety of subjects. She favours a loose, expressionistic way of working, inter-mixed with traditional methods. Her paintings range from representational to pure abstract.